Turms Fashion launches a premium range of classic polos made from the world’s finest cotton – Supima®, with features like stronger, softer and brighter fabric, and additional qualities like stain and odour repellence.

Brand Offering. = PREMIUM + HIGH PERFORMANCE everyday, any occasion wear

Grooming and looking presentable at all times is absolutely essential, no matter what time of the day. Polos are a ‘classic’ and flexible clothing, meaning they can be worn to work for an informal meeting or casual Fridays, and meeting friends thereafter for a long night of partying. Drawing from this insight and using tonality of language to speak to the young working professional, who happens to be the target audience, here is route 1: TONGUE-in-CHEEK’Y’

What you wear says a lot about who you are. And Supima polos gives you multiple opportunities to showcase just that. For an increasingly young population, fuss-free clothes means stress-free life. They can go about their busy, activity-filled day without having to worry about rigid and staid clothing. In an overtly opinionated, pseudo-social world, the Supima audience can revel in connecting with the brand and the world around them, in as unique a voice as their own – ‘FUN’NY, memorable and definitely ‘INDIE’VIDUALISTIC!

An interesting and of course, ‘cheeky’ extension idea for the same route.

Route 2: High Fashion
We all have many layers to our personality. Different moods, different likes, different quirks, different skills and different inherent traits, much like SUPIMA’s many different features! And we are all on a quest to find ourselves. SUPIMA polos’ flexibility means that we can be ourselves, and discover many more layers. Visually abstract, conceptually experimentative, but foundationally superior, just like SUPIMA polo setting a benchmark by combining fashion and technology with convenience and comfort.