For once, let your eyes do the travelling, and your ears do the loving, let your skin do the experiencing and let your heart free to feel. You find yourself on a journey that mesmerises the senses.

The Vin’yard is a luxurious, boutique property in Bangalore. Endowed with a gorgeous vinyard, that inspires the name of the project, The Vin’yard recreates a little corner of France. Enjoy glorious sunsets as you sip on wine made from home-grown grapes, cycle around the pebbled pathways till you find a cozy spot on the lawns for a siesta, stop by at the French restaurant for a pastry while chitchatting with the songbirds.

Inspired by Louis XV architecture, homes at The Vin’yard are testimony to understated elegance. Large windows, exquisite coloumns and ornate friezes represented in marble are characteristic features here. Every aspect of communication had to resonate the same poetry. Starting with the logo, every piece of creative echoes vintage beauty and reflects lifestyle that is true to French refinement.

The experiential website designed for The Vin’yard garnered exceptional response. Every aspect of the project and lifestyle was depicted through elegant watercolours and tied back to the French way of life.

Advertisements for The Vin’yard echoed poetry in both visual and verse.