Sneha Counselling Centre has been around for over a decade and were intent on rebranding themselves. Considering that people who approach a counsellor do so because of difficulties they are facing emotionally, Sneha wanted their logo to convey approachability and trust. Counselling is the act of helping, by exploring different points of view, thereby facilitating a positive change.

To a large extent, there still exists a social bias about mental health. Sneha wanted to ensure that counselling isn’t perceived to be a stigma and anyone in need of seeking the services of a counsellor shouldn’t have to feel like it is a ‘difficult’ decision to make. This sense of trust, approachability and ease of interaction had to feature in their design language and all their communication.

The website needed to be simple and fuss free. Interspersed with positive messages and photographs of people made it relatable. The FAQ page was a star feature with enough information for anyone seeking counselling to get an overview of what to expect.