pinehill is a premium international kids wear brand that was looking to create a simple yet strong visual identity. the brief was very brief indeed – to let children be who they truly are – creative, confident and crazy!

the inspiration for the identity was based on geometry – basic shapes. geometry was at the heart of the
entire process, from creating a word mark that is non-duplicable to the graphic unit that is sweet and simple, to a design language that could spread across every creative piece.

the typeface was bold and no-fuss, the colours subtle and international. patterns created with shapes thathad infinite possibilities, all came together to give pinehill a unique, distinctive international feel.

pinehill’s single-minded approach to being all about children also meant a lot of
detailing that went into design of various collaterals. for example, the visiting cards
had softer edges, the clothes tags were interactive, the bags could double
as backpacks and the stores themselves turn out to be informative play centres
that happened to make available the most premium, fashionable clothes for kids.
everything with one purpose – for the love of kids.