IRC, Information and Resource Centre, as the name suggests is a one-stop place to seek knowledge, exchange ideas and connect with parents, children, trainers and facilitators of individuals with autism. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and a wide network of experts, IRC ‘s objective is to drive awareness about autism and other learning disabilities.

Any kind of disability can be difficult to deal with, especially for family. IRC wanted to turn this thought around and paint a hopeful picture. Their identity needed to showcase their expertise in the given field, but also provide a platform for discussion and expression. Their design language needed to be vibrant and friendly, thereby disconfirming all stereotypical beliefs. Colourful need not mean frivolous and friendly need not mean unprofessional.

In keeping with this freedom of expression, the website followed the same style while giving out all necessary information and updating all on the latest training programs, talks, and events, while helping create a vast network of individuals who need assistance and others who can offer the same.