Horus Intellisys is a technology startup in the automotive space, specialising in Advanced Driver Assisitance Systems. Their integrated device beams out cross-traffic alerts, signals forward and rear collision warnings, detects pedestrians, and can identify traffic signals as well. Horus aims to bring technology-intensive safety solutions to vehicles, which will help in easier adoption of these systems with their cost-effectiveness and aid the cause of road safety by leveraging contemporary technologies like computer vision and deep learning at the core.

Deriving lots of data analytics on driver behaviour through their state-of-the-art device, Horus is on a mission to make the roads safer for all. Their brand identity needed to reflect these very qualities – expertise, safety, sustainability, responsibility, foresight.

Drawing similarities between the product and their namesake from the animal kingdom, the brand story could be summarised in three simple words – sight, flight, right.

Creating the graphic unit within the wordmark saved space without compromising on the impact. Straight, simple typography was complemented by vibrant, tech-inspired colours. The graphic unit, with sharp lines brought in a sense of precision and expertise. The unit, designed to look like an eye ball, signifies exactly what the product does – keeping a lookout for you!