A truly poetic way of life, Charmion Celestial Eco Habitat is exquisitely crafted to celebrate coexistence with nature. Complete with a resort as part of the community, it offers a select few the chance to share the goodness of nature with like-minded neighbours.

Catering to such a niche audience meant reaching out to their sensibilities. The entire creative communication was based on the idea that Charmion Celestial Eco Habitat was the conflux of the 5 elements – earth, wind, water, fire and space. Each one of these has been built into every aspect of the property.

The website was a critical platform in this experiential journey. Largely visual-driven, the website gave out the gist of the property and welcomed people to come over and experience all that Charmion Celestial Eco Habitat had to offer.​​​​​​​ People were invited to visit the property and experience for themselves eco-sustainability put into action at the property or partake in health, fitness and wellness activities conducted there. Once there, the place sold itself

Emailers sent to a select audience followed the same language, both visually and in tone.

People who bought into the property were invited to meet their neighbors while also getting updates of all that is happening at the property. Interestingly, the entire Charmion Celestial community was given some soil from their plot, a piece of earth that they owned! The event was obviously emotionally charged.