The Power of Parity, a 2015 McKinsey Global Institute Report, highlights the impact that Indian women can make to the economy, should they be provided with opportunities to participate equally in the labour force. This empowerment of women can lead to an increase in India’s GDP by up to 60% by 2025. In India, there is a significant gap between the demand for financial support to women-owned enterprises. A growing pool of ambitious, bright and highly capable women continue to remain out of the purview of financial inclusion. Although finance institutions have been lending to women from low income groups for many years, women-led businesses continue to struggle for survival.

Capri Global identified that women can become socially and economically independent through micro enterprises. Across FY’19, they partnered with 30,000 women for home and business loans. Most of these women hail from the hinterlands of rural India, with limited or no exposure to mainstream choices. Despite a less advantageous initiation to life, they emerged as major players, both at work and at home. Their courage, skills and business and entrepreneurial acumen were instrumental in ushering a strong social and financial reformation within their family and their immediate ecosystem.

This book, themed ‘Seeds of Change’, is a repository of 21 stories. The 21 protagonists are women who felt a crucial need to grow in life and break barriers posed by traditional conformism. This book hopes to be a beacon, that the seeds of transformation planted by these change agents will impact the lives of all the women they touch.


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