candolim is a beautiful, quaint part of goa that best symbolises the word ‘relax’.kns builders planned to replicate this piece of goa in bangalore.

inspired by its namesake, candolim in bangalore is a plotted development project overlooking a lake that is home to over 50 different species of birds. this lake-side paradise also features a functional lighthouse, a viewing deck and a cabana-styled clubhouse. for the fitness-conscious, activities such as canoeing, for the nature-lovers, trekking and bird-watching and for those who just want to relax, hammocks tied across swaying coconut palms – candolim in bangalore invites all.

the colours, typography and visual language have a very strong portugal influence and are a distinct feature across goa. the logo for candolim in bangalore is inspired by the azule tiles which have been used extensively across all design features on the property.

the communication for candolim in bangalore was designed to be online, outdoor and event-led.