beautiful bengaluru is an open forum that discusses, debates and takes decisive action to restore bengaluru to its former glory of being the garden city.

the identity for this initiative needed to reflect the personality of one side of the city – soft,
personal, green, fluid, vintage and welcoming. this was done through the use of beautiful calligraphy, that merges and instantly conveys bengaluru’s fluid and welcoming nature.

ask any true blue bangalorean what the city reminds them of and you are sure to hear of the vibrant gulmohar flowers that bloom in summer. the unit features a gulmohar flower, bud and leaves.

the initiative invited volunteers to be part of this green journey in their respective localities. the main medium to spread this message was online, though posters were put across the city in colleges, clubs, offices, pubs and retail outlets. the idea was a clever take on BYOB, where bring your own booze is replaced with bring your own broom!

the initiative was hugely successful and many volunteers continue to meet monthly and beautify different parts of bangalore.